Adellence - Fortinet supplier Malaysia that specialises in Fortinet Network Security. As a Fortinet supplier and distributor in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Fortinet products.

Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Fortinet’s portfolio of security gateways, subscription services and complementary products delivers a high level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, managed service providers and telecommunication carriers, while reducing total cost of ownership and providing a flexible, scalable path for expansion.

Fortinet Distributor Malaysia

Fortinet’s flagship Network Security platform, FortiGate, consists of physical and virtual appliances that provide a broad array of security and networking functions, including firewall, VPN, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, application control, Web filtering, anti-spam, DLP, WAN acceleration, and WLAN control. FortiGate appliances, from the FortiGate 30D and 90D for small businesses all the way up to the FortiGate 3000 and 5000 series for large enterprises, data centers, and service providers, are based on a common proprietary technology platform:

FortiGuard – Fortinet’s large global threat research team discovers new threats and delivers protective services 24×365 across a rich array of consolidated security technologies, including application control, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, vulnerability management, anti-malware, anti-spam and more. By developing and delivering all of our threat research and protection services in-house, we provide you with the fastest and most integrated response to threats. FortiGuard protection is independently validated as highly effective versus today’s advanced threats.


FG-30E, FG-50E, FG-60D, FG-60E, FG-80E, FG-90D, FG-100E, FG-200E, FG-300D, FG300E, FG-500D, FG-500E, FG-600D, FG-800D, FG-1000D, FG-1200D, FG-1500D, FG-2000E, FG-2500E, FG-3000D, FG-3100D, FG-3200D, FG-3700D, FG3800D, FG-3960E, FG-3980E, FG-7030E, FG-7040E, FG-7060E, FG-5001E

  • FortiASICs –
    Fortinet’s custom designed ASICs accelerate processing of security and networking functions, to radically boost performance and scalability and provide you with the fastest network security appliance performance available today. This allows you to stay ahead of rapidly growing bandwidth requirements, and prevents your security solution from becoming a choke point in your network.
  • FortiOS –
    Fortinet’s proprietary operating system provides the foundation for and integration of all security and networking functions. This allows IT managers to deliver consistent and coordinated policies across all security devices, creating a faster and more robust response to threats with a far lower administrative burden. Flexible licensing of FortiOS features gives you the flexibility to deploy what you need, where you need it — leading to a simpler, easier to maintain infrastructure as well.
    FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer/FortiCloud – Fortinet’s easy-to-use management platform — available in hardware appliance, virtual machine, and cloud form factors — provides centralized configuration, security policy management, aggregate logging, reporting, and forensic analysis for up to 10,000 Fortinet devices.