H3C Supplier Malaysia. As a global leader in the IP field, H3C innovatively launches an integrated data center solution to meet the new challenges of IT development. By integrating networks, computation and management, the integrated data center solution genuinely enables high availability, high reliability, high performance, high scalability and high manageability of IT systems; and automated scheduling and adaptiveness of services.

H3C Cloud Computing is the one-stop shop to meet your cloud needs, providing IT infrastructure solutions including servers, storage, networks, hypervisors, cloud platforms and management tools that increase agility, resilience, cost-efficiency and productivity.

H3C cloud computing comprises four categories of products—software, network, computing, and storage, built to help you achieve cloud and network integration in a virtualized cloud environment.

New Network Architecture and Components

H3C’s latest innovative network turns products into software, virtualizes network features, and manages network centrally. Its networks are self-defined, automated, flexible, and easy to maintain. Compared with traditional networks, H3C’s innovative network is a paradigm shift in terms of ideas, models, and services. It involves more technologies and products such as SDN controllers, vSwitch, and new NFV products, without limiting itself to traditional and physical network devices. Our network is built with Overlay technology, providing seamless connection to the north (cloud platform), and is compatible with more third party products. This forms an even more complete and broad network architecture.

Overview of Innovative Network Architecture

H3C Supplier Malaysia

Innovative network architecture consists of the following layers:

  • Network equipment layer: It consists of various typical legacy networks, OpenFlow network, NFV networks and so on. Hetero-geneous network resources are consolidated through controllers.
  • Controller cluster layer: It supports VCF controller cluster, implements load balancing and failover reliability, cross-datacenter orchestration, and communicates with network equipment through standard south-bound interfaces such as OpenFlow, Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol (OVSDB) and Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF).
  • Resource abstraction layer: Deployed in controller as an SDN application, it provides centralized logical processing to the network and offers centralized network resource pool control and orchestration for the northern clients.
  • Top management layer: A controller interfaces with cloud platforms such as OpenStack, H3C CSM and HP CloudSystem through plugins and APIs, and realizes a consolidated IT infrastructure.