Cyber Security

Take Control of Your Network

In today’s ever-changing technology landscape, it’s critical to stay ahead of the constant security threats. Any business that has data transiting over public or private networks is at risk from Cyber Attack.

Adellence maintains the security and integrity of your IT work environment by employing our suite of security and monitoring tools. By assessing and continually auditing the security practices and awareness of your entire organization to help best protect you from these technology threats.

Why Is It Hard to Stop Attacks?
Attack tactics have evolved and attackers are moving faster.
Aim to encrypt data and files or to lock the computer
A legitimate source to entice victims to click on a malicious link via email
Infiltrate legitimate websites with a goal of infecting one or more with malware
Living off the LAND
Launch sophisticated attack campaign (exploits, rootkits, viruses and more)
  • Identify
    Knowing where important data is
  • Prevent
    Stopping incoming attacks
  • Detect
    Finding incursions
  • Respond
    Containing & remediating problems
  • Recover
    Restoring operations
Adellence has the expertise and experience to deliver highly bespoke security solutions to protect businesses and organisations from cyber attacks. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring of your network to immediately identify any breach, or potential breach.